About us

The only thing more enchanting than staying the night at the beach is waking up by the sea.

Robert and Ellen Greve and their children do this each summer season and have been doing so for the past 29 years. They are the owners of Azul cabins and proprietors of Noorderbad BV, that manages a beach pavilion with sun loungers and sun screens and lets beach cabins and daytime huts.

They have been living on the beach in summer for almost their entire life and still enjoy the ever changing setting of air, sun, sand and water. Situated at the clean and wide beach of Wijk aan Zee, their luxurious Azul beach cabins enable them to share this absolute sense of freedom and space with their guests. The calming sound of the waves, the sand in between your toes, the wind blowing through your hair...Everything you need is within reach. Experience the extraordinary and unique beach life. What about staying for the weekend or a midweek stay? Perhaps you prefer a week, or even longer?

Feel welcome! See you again in Wijk aan Zee.